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Create smart and safe roof access with a STAKA roof access hatch. Tested high quality roof access hatches from stainless steel and with high thermal insulation value. Delivered to any country and easy to install.

Roof access hatches

Staka Roof access hatches

  • Safe access
  • Durable materials
  • Tested quality
  • Sleekly designed
  • Architect finds Staka
    Architect finds Staka

    Daniel Ruark. Architect from Sausalito, California.

    “It is such an elegantly-designed product for somethin...

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  • When do I need a roof access hatch?

    A roof access hatch is the ideal solution when access to a flat roof is required for inspection and/or maintenance of the roof itself or installations on the roof. These installations may include HVAC systems, solar panels, or roof safety equipment. A roof access hatch is more cost-effective than renting an elevated work platform and safer than placing a ladder against the facade.

    Roof access hatches are also used as a stylish way of getting to a roof terrace. The models with glass windows and electrical operation in particular exude luxury.

  • Why choose Staka?

    At Staka we believe in making great products. We believe in the power of innovation and we are constantly focusing on improving every aspect of our products.

    We have excellent in-house production facilities. Almost the entire production process is largely computerized and automated, enabling us to provide consistently high levels of quality at very competitive rates. During the production process, nothing is left to chance.

    Staka has hard-working and knowledgeable team members who are passionate about their work, producing more and better-quality products each and every day. Some of them have been with the company for over 25 years, and some have even been with us for as long as 40 years.

    Acting in accordance with our beliefs and values keeps us focused on our ultimate goal: to be the best supplier of high-quality roof access hatches in the world.

    Our roof access hatches don’t just have the best features in terms of thermal insulation, airtightness and load-bearing capacities. They are also are sleekly designed and easy to install, and they always assure safe access to the roof.

  • For wich building is a Staka roof access hatch suitable?

    A Staka roof access hatch is suitable for new-build properties as well as renovations of existing properties. The hatches can be installed in any location, at any height, and with any kind of roofing material. There is a suitable solution for almost every situation.

  • What are the standard models?

    Staka roof access hatches are available with and without translucent window. The models without window are used where thermal insulation is essential. The standard sizes are:
    900 x 700 mm
    900 x 900 mm
    1400 x 700 mm
    1500 x 900 mm
    2400 x 900 mm
    The roof access hatches with window allow extra daylight into the building. The window is available in Lexan Polycarbonate or in glass (sunlight-reflective, fire-resistant, toughened and HR++ [high efficiency]). The standard sizes are:
    1800 x 900 mm
    2400 x 900 mm
    All hatches can be equipped with electrical operation. The hatch will then be operated using a remote control or an app on your mobile device.
  • How do I create a complete access to the roof?

    Staka provides various combinations of roof access hatches with ladders and staircases. These combinations ensure safe and comfortable access to the roof.

    Retractable ladders

    Extension ladders

    Fixed ladders

    Fixed stairs

    Safety railing

  • How do I install a Staka roof access hatch?

    Click here to download the installation manual.

  • Where can I get Staka roof access hatch?

    We ship to any harbor in the world. Fill in the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

'“It is such an elegantly-designed product for something rather utilitarian.”'
Daniel Ruark. Architect from Sausalito, California.

Architect finds Staka

“My primary goal is to create residential architecture that responds to the uniqueness of each client’s lifestyle, personality, and patterns. I want to create an architecture that establishes a connection to the outdoors, that's simple and direct in expression and material, timeless in spirit, and functional; and that possesses the ability to encourage the user to discover and experience a different facet of the design each and every day.

“While searching the internet for a way to access the roof of a residential project, I found Staka. For this project the roof hatch serves strictly as access for maintenance—cleaning the roof, access to photovoltaic panels and HVAC equipment, etc. Yet the clients have a desire for quality and elegantly designed products, no matter what the circumstances—so I’m sure they will find the Staka products appealing.”

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